Hung Parliament Result

Dave and Nick working together in the coalition government is something many of the left-wing are moaning about; and wishing it would fail before it’s started. But for me it’s a mini victory and vindication of the will of the people to  make their voices count against the politically ignorant and apathetic sheeple of the country.

A Hung Parliament, one we haven’t seen for 36 years, in Peter Mandelson’s words demonstrates that: ‘The people have won’ because they’ve shown Parliament they’re not happy with the lot. We sent them into panic like headless chickens and made right-wings and left-wings work together – an anti-climax for Mr C’s glory day.

Already Cameron’s agreed on Clegg’s policy to help the poorest school pupils and scrapped tax cuts for the richest. After 13 years of Labour, Iraq war, banking greed and recession, ID cards, university fees and bureaucracy  gone mad – you’d think it would be easy for The Conservatives to sweep in.

But they couldn’t even manage a Tory minority government. This is because people also knew that Labour achieved a lot for this country, Brown also did the best he could ( picking up the pieces after Blair’s big-headed decisions) and lead the way for many progressive Bills meant in for a fair, decent society,which incidentally, were opposed by the Conservatives.

So to those of you who say ‘I didn’t vote for a Hung Parliament’.  Well I did! So did a lot of other people. Bitterly disappointed with Labour but crucially distrustful of the Conservatives. The country was mentally divided and and cut down the the middle in half making our politicians eat humble pie and re-think.

As Morrissey sang: ‘I’m waiting for a time when to be English is to be sick of Labour and Tories’:

It is also a humiliating defeat for Labour who let the public down and have to pack their bags; but they can live in the knowledge that losing out to the opposition was not as crushing as it could have been.

It’s a kind of humiliating conquest for the Tories, who despite getting the most constituencies  know that 52% of the country voted against them. Most importantly, hung parliament is a lesson to the old skool Conservatives who thought they could cruise in and carry on with their old ways. The public do read up on policies and do see through attempts of media manipulation and consent to snobbery over the mob.

The message is to them you may have  impressive points about responsibility, family values, businesses given room to grow, immigration to be fairly controlled and individuals to rewarded for hard work but also  ‘ reign in those amongst you who are bigots, fascists, dull upper-class snobs and corporate fat cats; and don’t slash our public services and communities to ruin – we’re watching. ‘

I do believe in electoral voting reform, let’s hope and press for it to be on the cards. But the results are a new beginning – we needed this shake up of parliament. Now Labour’s cage has been rattled it must aim for a future comeback. To get back in power they should once again stand for real liberalism; not a nanny come security state fawning to free market Machiavellianism.

Note how liberal Cameron’s trying to sound to reassure everyone, not Thatcherite, on the surface it seems the hung parliament made him catch our drift. Let’s hope banging his head with Clegg means it stays like that for a while. I refuse not to remain optimistic. It’s always up to the public to campaign for what is right whoever is in power. The electorate should see this an opportunity for future progress.

Halt the temptation to poo poo the new government before it’s started and remember:

‘We can’t solve problems …by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’
— Albert Einstein

Cue David Cameron’s speech (note he momentarily lets slip ‘the people are controlled’ then quickly corrects it to ‘ are in control…thank goodness the Lib Dems are in there)

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