The History of Venetian Masks: Fact Sheet

Venetian masks are a 700-year- old tradition originating from the balls held in the Italian city of Venice. Made in many strange designs and elaborately decorated – the doll-like masks protected the wearers’ anonymity – luring the revellers into nights of decadence and debauchery. How it all started: It was tradition since the 13th century … Continue reading

How to Tell if a Guy is a Player: Advice article

No woman likes being fooled by a player into thinking that he’s in love with her before he has a personality transplant and is fleeing for some new booty. Womanisers act like charming Casanovas to see if they can win you over as a conquest. But it’s hard to tell in the beginning when they’re … Continue reading

Legendary Swinging 60s Girl Groups

The 1960s was the decade of revolution for music and when the cult of ‘girl groups’ hit the big time. Almost all the girl groups were black – the combination of gospel trained voices, catchy hooks and sweet doo- wop melodies bowled over the baby boomer generation. Here are brief intros to a selection of … Continue reading