How to Tell if a Guy is a Player: Advice article

No woman likes being fooled by a player into thinking that he’s in love with her before he has a personality transplant and is fleeing for some new booty. Womanisers act like charming Casanovas to see if they can win you over as a conquest. But it’s hard to tell in the beginning when they’re trying to impress. On your mission to find love with a genuine man here is some advice to help you pick out and ditch the player before he kicks your heart like it’s a World Cup football.


Step 1: Don’t fall for the guy who is making you starry-eyed and down in the dumps.

Yes I’m talking about that guy who locks eyes with you across a crowded room and wields an irresistible power – the enigmatic smile and charisma has you hooked. But wait. When engaging you in conversation Prince Charming keeps dropping subtle criticism that undermines your self-esteem. This is an intentional psychological tactic. Alarm bells should ring in your head, before your overwhelming subconscious desire to win his approval makes you vulnerable to his ‘charms’. That’s when the player strikes for the physical – don’t fall for it, he will leave after and broadcast all the details on

Step 2: Don’t settle for a guy taking you on dates away from the local places where he hangs out.

It’s most likely he’s avoiding the mishap of meeting his other local girlfriends. He might say a drive in the countryside and meal in a quiet restaurant is romantic. That’s really sweet and thoughtful if he’s made that the date plan once or twice. But if he’s forever making excuses for you not to date at his favourite local venues -be suspicious. He might try to convince you he’s tired from the hustle bustle of the city or usual scene. But does he go to those places on his own? If he’s committed to you he’ll want you to bump into his friends and acquaintances.

Step 3: Don’t be fooled into thinking he talks about his ex because he’s ‘opening up’ to you.

You may want a strong  shoulder to cry on after a traumatic split from your ex. But don’t be tempted to open up too early when dating a guy, real emotional bonds take a long time – speak to your friends instead. Any guy who is not turned off by you whining about the failure of your last relationship and talks about his exes too; is either a) not over his ex but fancies sleeping with you, it’s not until afterward he will ‘ realise his true feelings’ or b). simply he’s a snake who found a woman who was craving emotional intimacy and exploited the chance to get intimate under the bed sheets. Remember: men like confident women and they like mystery – portray an image of a needy victim and you’ll be treated like one.

Step 4: Don’t stand for his social-networking site page looking like a bachelor’s advertisement.

If he’s not talking to you like a lover online don’t let him be one offline. Is he willing to chat about your dates on a public wall, to be tagged in photos with you, to change that status from single? If the answer’s ‘yes’ to most of these you have no need to worry then, if not – wake up. Does he have a lot of female friends online who give him advice and openly flirt? It’s obvious he can’t make up his mind and is keeping his options open. He might say he doesn’t want to broadcast your relationship or that it’s just a website. Those excuses are baloney dear, in these times peoples’ profiles define who they are to the world. If he’s not public about your relationship online he’s either up to no good or he’s waiting to trade you in for one of those online lady friends.

Step 5: Don’t ever try to tame the ‘bad boy’.

He’ll tame himself when he’s ready -it’s as simple as that. Did you meet the guy when he was swaggering about in designer shades in a nightclub? Expect tear drops on the dance floor – a sleazy club is not the best way to find a soul mate. The vain bad boy is that way because he likes the power games and the sex –  they boost his ego.  Playing several women at one time is manly fun, it makes him feel more popular and stronger than he is in reality. Console yourself that he has an inferiority complex inside all that bravado  and steer well clear.  Corner him into a relationship and he will just stray behind your back – and he won’t even bother to cover those dirty tracks.

Watch out for – The Hot and Cold Game: He woos you when you’re on a date but the rest of the time you’re always chasing him and it’s confusing. Forget it, he’d make consistent effort if he was for real.

Snake with Oodles of Charm Game: the usual bad boy uses another tactic of flattering you and saying everything you want to hear all the time – unfortunately it is too good to be true.

If you’re experiencing any of this –  be strong girl and tell him goodbye. There are plenty of fish in the sea, now go catch them!

2 Responses to “How to Tell if a Guy is a Player: Advice article”
  1. Maxine says:

    Hey this is really good I’m going to remember these tips, the style is similar to the ‘Girl with a one-track mind’ writer – check it out!

  2. D says:

    Great advice feature and so true, I know a guy who could fit into each of those boxes. Well done girl

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