Pete and Pirates Interview: Disorder magazine

Indie-pop rocksters, Pete and Pirates, their tunes overflowing with, ahem, (captain) hooks, have a rapturous new downloadable single.

‘Come to the Bar ‘, out on March 14th, a delectable taste of their new album on its way later this year… ah cannae wait to hear the booty. Disorder’s Jameela Oberman caught up with brothers Tom (vocals) and Jonny Sanders (Drums) to find out how they plan to ride the waves in 2011…

You’ve been away for a while, what have you been up to?

Tom: I’ve been reading lots of books, watching lots of HBO series and buying things on eBay.

Jonny: We haven’t really been away; we’ve been releasing demos, one off singles and doing special gigs. We’ve just been keeping our heads down. Of late most of our time has been writing and recording our forthcoming album. It’s been a long time but now we’re back properly!

Why’s it taken so long to bring some more tunes out?

Tom: Because we have been very thorough in the process of choosing the right producer and the right songs. We’ve also spent a while travelling to new places, playing to new crowds, having a fruitful time.

Jonny: We don’t feel any pressure from our label to rush stuff out. We took our time and it was a really relaxed and creative process. We and our label Stolen, believe, over anything, that the songs must be right and we wanted to better ourselves after Little Death.

In a couple of sentences describe your new single ‘Come to the Bar’.

Tom: A strange catchy song with an arpeggio that runs all through it.

Jonny: It’s fun but not dumb. It’s a pop song with a psychedelic outro.

What is the inspiration for your new single, who is it about?

Tom: You can make what you like of the lyrics, they have no narrative particularly, lots of strange imagery.

Jonny: It’s not about anyone. The inspiration is not known. Musically it’s simple, fun and danceable.

What do you expect of 2011?

Tom: We’re getting back into the rhythm of things; I imagine we will be nice and busy. We will also be coming to a town near you to say hello and play some songs…

Jonny: We want to do the best we can and get this album out to as many new ears as possible. Tour lots of places, meet even more new people. Like ‘Little Death ‘but bigger. So it’s onwards and upwards for us. See you on the other side.

Jameela is a music journalist/staff writer for national magazine, Disorder:

*If you’re an unusual artist wishing for publicity email stating reasons why you should be featured.


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