Husky Rescue Interview: Disorder magazine

Husky Rescue is an otherworldly band set to attract this year’s spotlight for their arresting musical talent.

Listening to their tunes, which merge sumptuous and haunting electronica, is to picture long country roads, pink- orange sunsets, melting icicles and a femme fatale reclining by a log fire. It comes as no surprise then the band was formed by Marko Nyberg in 2002 because he wanted to create powerful compositions that make the listener feel warm, like in the movies.

The Helsinki band’s trademark ambient sound and beguiling, feminine vocals, provided by Reeta-Leena Korhola, have turned energetic and catchy in new single, ‘Fast Lane’, out 3rd April. The latest album Ship of Light, which was released earlier this year on CatSkills Records, has already achieved international critical acclaim.

Jameela Oberman spoke to Marko about the inspiration behind Husky Rescue’s music – villainous white, fluffy cats, old radios in car repair garages and a paranormal sighting that inflamed the material for ‘Ship of Light’…

Describe your new single, ‘Fast Lane’:

It is a more active song than the last ones we wrote, a good song for driving in a classic car to somewhere at night, it has to be a classic car like a 1970s Volvo, it wouldn’t work with a modern car. Apart from that description I think the meaning is very personal thing and doesn’t need to be explained, it belongs to the listeners. That is the most beautiful and important thing about a song; when listeners can immerse themselves individually, having their own spaces in the world of the music.

Could you explain the music video, why move a camera along a huge art canvas?

The painted canvas is called ‘Beast’ or ‘Monster’ and it’s hanging up in the studio. We wanted to do something different for the music video, where the world is narrowed down and takes the viewer on a journey; I think moving along the canvas is really beautiful. The illustrator Laura Lehtinen is a friend of the band’s and director Anthony Bentley is very talented in creating new technical possibilities which I really like, it was actually quite complex to do and took a long time.

New single video:

What’s the core inspiration to your music style?

I find listening to old music the best; movie scores are more interesting than other music. I like it when music creates powerful emotions whether it’s a warmness or coldness inside. I’m very inspired by old songs and old radio, in fact, I have an old radio, which my Dad listened to on his first job working in a garage fixing cars. He bought it when he was 16-years-old and it still works. My earliest memories as a kid are sitting by this radio in garage playing with toy cars, listening to the radio and getting that warm, comforting feeling. I like a retro movie sound because the quality is so beautiful from the way equipment was used to make music in the 60s and 70s; it’s very sad film score composer, John Barry, passed away, he was really talented.

Creative triggers for Ship of Light?

I live 15 minutes drive from the city of Helskini in a quiet, green area and one night I saw above me this UFO, unexplained great ball of light in the sky and something happened to me inside. I am very interested in new thinking, the science of the paranormal. There are a lot of things we cannot see that are going on, science is an old term for it, I believe in the power in people’s energy. When I saw this sighting it conveyed exactly how I was feeling at the time of wanting to escape, the feeling of transference, this is why our new album’s going to be more sentimental sounding than before.

Are you happy with being underrated, underground band?

Well, of course more coverage would be beautiful, but I don’t mind being underground because it’s better that then changing my music to ‘fit radio’. Then it wouldn’t be mine anymore and I make music for me, I write to live in that world of creativity rather than for commercial success.

Lastly, the reason for Husky Rescue as a band name, are you a fan of Husky dogs?

Not particularly, I do like Huskies, a friend of mine has a Mini Husky and it is really cute. But more so because Huskies conjure up soft white fur, which I like. If you think of evil villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond movies, in his film appearances, like in You Only Live Twice, we hardly see his face when he talks, instead the camera focuses on his hand gently petting a fluffy, white cat; I’m that cat, with my long white hair.


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