Banksy & War Boutique Exhibition

If you fancy hanging a Banksy original in your boudoir you better crash a truck into a cash-point, because the average price is £95,000 a piece at Andipa Gallery, Kensington. Unsettling, magnetic, laughable and exquisite rolled into one; Disorder checks out the provocative exhibition.

Banksy ‘Laugh Now’ (2002) £95,000

Andipa Gallery is holding a selling-exhibition of the artist Banksy’s iconic canvas paintings in their ground floor gallery. Andipa Gallery houses one of the largest collections in the UK of works by Banksy so it good to have a wander around and spot some Urban Art treasures in the collection.

The artist uses blatantly ironic statements through a down-to-earth and pragmatic urban art aesthetic and at the same time these works are marketed at the rich in one of the most upmarket streets in Kensingston. It’s engrossing to experience this paradox when viewing Banksy’s original stencil paintings in the gallery of modern and contemporary art, a venue that also houses other big names such as Matisse and Warhol.

Banksy ‘Laugh Now’ (2009) Spray painted on cupboard door £ enquire

The art on display is mostly spray paint on canvas; there were also unusual canvases of metal and even an old door. Sneak peek of the Banksy works at the current Andipa exhibition below.

Banksy ‘Every time I make love to you I think of someone else’ (2002) £82,000

Banksy ‘Go Flock Yourself’ Spray paint & emulsion on metal (2009) £ Enquire

‘Custardized Oil’ (2006) £ Enquire

Banksy ‘Monkey Guns, One of a Pair’ (2000) £ please enquire

War Boutique

In the basement of the gallery are the potent works of the emerging urban artist War Boutique. The artist was involved in the arms industry as a former armour designer for the government before quitting and becoming an artist with an ant-violence message and is widely known for coining the term ‘Metropolitan Peace.’

One curious installation is Bak-2-skool, which was first displayed by War Boutique in a South London school shop front. The work features stab vests combined with the school ties and badges of four schools in the area of Peckham and New Cross affected by knife violence; each of the vests represents school kids who’ve been stabbed and murdered while wearing their school uniforms.

War Boutique 'Bak 2 Skool' (2008) £1, 250 each

Sneak peek of more work by War Boutique below:

War Boutique ‘City Gent Soldier’ (2005) Suit made in Saville Row, £ enquire

War Boutique, ‘The Great Game’ (2011) made from military fabrics £ Enquire

‘War Games’ (2011) Apache Helicopter gunship with Playstation logo

War Boutique ‘Beasts of England III’ (2011)

The Banksy & War Boutique exhibition ends 9th July. Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6.00pm, Saturday 11.00am – 6.00pm
Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, London, Tel: 020 7589 2371

Words: Jameela Oberman

Article originally published in Disorder magazine


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