Polen Interview: Disorder Magazine

Disorder first stumbled upon the rock-dance razzle dazzle of the Argentinean band Polen at The 1234 Shoreditch festival in the BadLife dance tent. Impressed by their phenomenal tunes that got the crowd going crazy, Jameela Oberman caught up with front man Pol Goz to find out more…

Polen: left to right-Sebastian, Ivana, Pol, Carla

How and when did you meet and decide it would be right to work together in an electro-rock group?

It begin with Sebastian in 2007 doing a few recordings that were more rocky and then we were changing direction towards the electro because we seemed to be missing that in what we were doing, then Ivana and Carla joined in 2009. So the band is band is Carla – Sequences and Live Performance, Ivana – Bass and Drums, Sebastian – Bass and Drums and me, Pol Goz on synth, guitar and vox.

How long have you been in London, how long do you plan to stay and experiences so far?

We’ve been in London since June and we will be here until middle of August. It’s our first visit to the United Kingdom and we are astonished. Everything is new and surprising, the people, the fashion, the streets.

Pol Gaz on guitar: Photo by Mark Van Der Aa

What do you like about the UK music scene?

Undoubtedly the variety and coexistence of styles, everything seems to pass and flow naturally. Also, the professionalism of the people who work to make live shows happen.
What is it like playing at UK festivals and what feedback have you received so far?
The audience have been very lively and they react to the tone of the situation, vibrating to the same tuning, it’s been great.

What is the music scene like in Buenos Aires?

It’s similar to that of London in many aspects, but Argentina historically looks for modality in countries like UK or USA and that makes it alike. But it is not the same; there are not so many opportunities in the culture to generate more creative spaces. The political factors alter the mind of the artist and takes energy from him for the creation. Yet Buenos Aires has very intense club nights.

Ivana on drums

So clubbing is very different in Argentina?

The major difference is that in Argentina, the holidays last the whole night, be in a house or in a club. Here everything ends earlier, only some places remain open the whole night. But on the other hand in the UK there are many more commercials and many more bands; hence multiple choices and people diverge on different gig nights.

What important lessons about music-making, live performances and the audience have you learnt in Argentina that maybe people in the UK & USA don’t do so much?

It’s a difficult question, we are learning from the musicians here. But a difference might the way bands move on the stage, perhaps, here they are more submissive and also in the treatment of the live sound. I insist though, we are here to learn…Latin Americans perhaps are to the eyes of Western places, a little more bold.

You’ve been compared to Digitalism, Soulwax and Does it Offend You, Yeah. In what ways do these artists influence you?

All these bands seem incredible to us and we love their music, scene and production. It doesn’t mean that we do the same, we think about how to be original and fresh, ourselves, offering something different from what exists already.

Carla on decks

Take me through the basic steps of how you compose a new song together?

Generally the new songs arise from a vocal melody and a few chords of guitar. Later they go on to what would be stage improvisation with all the members of the band coming up with something that pleases all.

You already have 3 EPs under your belt, what do your fans in Argentina say they love about your music and what do you think creates the magic touch?

Just our style and our way of raising it, there are no magic touches… it is simply to flow.


Words: Jameela Oberman
Pics: Whiskii, Band Picture,Mark Van Der Aa, all the live Pictures

Website http://polenrockers.com.ar/
Facebook http://facebook.com/polenrock
Listen & Download http://polenrockers.bandcamp.com/

Interview orginally published in Disorder magazine, http://disordermagazine.com/polen-interview/music/

One Response to “Polen Interview: Disorder Magazine”
  1. Joe says:

    Cool music this band’s defo got potential I’d like to check them live, interesting interview questions =), Cheers!

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