Adbusters Magazine #98: Craftivist Collective, Robin Hood Tax & the Occupy Protest Movement

Originally published in Adbusters print magazine (UK) & Adbusters (USA & Canada) (Australia) Nov/Dec 2011 Photo in the Adbusters article: Robin Prime Activism grousp mentioned in the articles & top featured image: Craftivist Collective and The Robin Hood Tax, Adbusters magazine spearheaded the #Occupy Wallstreet and worldwide Occupy movement, including … Continue reading

Amnesty Interview on the Labour Friends of Palestine Website and Newsletter

• Front page article: • Click the above picture to read the article (Opens in a new tab). • •  MP Sir Gerald Kaufman speaks in Parliament (Member of LFPME). • Visit the Labour Friends of Palestine Website for updates of all their campaign work:

Banksy Profile piece, Escape Magazine- Love 146 (Russian translation)

English language link here : Article featured in Love 146′s Escape magazine, Issue #5, Escape is a Love 146 magazine:

Amnesty International (UK): Israeli government doing this on purpose or being stupid?

Amnesty International’s Kristyan Benedict was visiting Hebron in the West Bank, when he saw an Israeli army patrol approaching as some Palestinians were walking down the street. One of the soldiers turned to a woman in the group and hissed: ‘Sharmuta’, which means bitch in Arabic. The soldier looked at the Palestinian men accompanying her … Continue reading

Banksy – Leader of Generation Graffiti

Showing us spray paint is mightier than the sword – Banksy is the leader of the biggest subculture movement since Punk. His surreal and tongue-in-cheek ‘graffiti art’ is daubed on public and private property walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cities throughout the world. You can spot anything from little girls cuddling up to … Continue reading