Vintage Life magazine #13: Typewriter Art Words: Jameela Oberman Images: Typewriter Art: Keira Rathbone Photos: Charlene Davis (page 2) Gareth Gardner (page 3) Article features in Issue 13 of Vintage Life magazine, October 2011 (UK) Advertisements

Comic Con London 2011: Cosplayers

Comic Con London 2011 at MCM Expo was held on bank holiday weekend, it was anime, manga, deck wizards, videogaming, superheroes, goth art, illustrators & cosplay catwalk galore. The three-day conference from 27-29th May at the Excel Estate near Custom House, South East London, included halls dedicated to a variety of comic genres from Japanese … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine Issue 035: Spark Research, interview and write-up by Jameela Oberman Published in Disorder Magazine, April Edition (035)

The History of Venetian Masks: Fact Sheet

Venetian masks are a 700-year- old tradition originating from the balls held in the Italian city of Venice. Made in many strange designs and elaborately decorated – the doll-like masks protected the wearers’ anonymity – luring the revellers into nights of decadence and debauchery. How it all started: It was tradition since the 13th century … Continue reading