Vintage Life magazine #13: Typewriter Art Words: Jameela Oberman Images: Typewriter Art: Keira Rathbone Photos: Charlene Davis (page 2) Gareth Gardner (page 3) Article features in Issue 13 of Vintage Life magazine, October 2011 (UK) Advertisements

Joan Miro: Tate Modern Preview

Surrealism art pioneer, Joan Miro, set out to ‘assassinate art’ as we know it, and he created more anarchy in his work the older he became. After a 50 year interlude, the Tate Modern has a major exhibit inviting a new generation of art lovers to step into the cerebral vortex of his rampant imagination. … Continue reading

A Bahraini Mother’s Plea for Help

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ”  Our situation is very difficult in Bahrain, they kill innocent people  near their own houses. Schools, shops, work –  all closed, we cannot go out at all. They attack the villages and Shiaa’s areas and terrorise them, confronting the unarmed people with their guns and bullets. The Saudis army to Bahrain is acting inhumane, they … Continue reading

Voice of a Bahraini Child

_________________________________________________________________________________________  _ ” Brutal thing is happening here. Please!!! help  us spread every thing, yesterday a young man was shot in his head and his brain fell out and just few second a go we heard shooting sounds. Please help us spread it in any site, since the 14 February 13 people are killed in … Continue reading

The Vicar of Baghdad’s Memoirs of the USA Legacy in Iraq

At 9pm UK time and 12 am Iraqi time at the beginning of the fall September 1st 2010, Barack Obama marked the  official departure of  US combat troops in Iraq. More than 7 years since the invasion the people have democracy yet the country is extremely unstable. Violence is on the increase again, the danger … Continue reading

The History of Venetian Masks: Fact Sheet

Venetian masks are a 700-year- old tradition originating from the balls held in the Italian city of Venice. Made in many strange designs and elaborately decorated – the doll-like masks protected the wearers’ anonymity – luring the revellers into nights of decadence and debauchery. How it all started: It was tradition since the 13th century … Continue reading

Legendary Swinging 60s Girl Groups

The 1960s was the decade of revolution for music and when the cult of ‘girl groups’ hit the big time. Almost all the girl groups were black – the combination of gospel trained voices, catchy hooks and sweet doo- wop melodies bowled over the baby boomer generation. Here are brief intros to a selection of … Continue reading

People with attitude: historical

The following are short intros to different kinds of people in history whose gutsy attitudes should be remembered and admired: Emma Goldman 1869 – 1940 While most women in the early 1920s were getting to grips with being allowed to vote, Emma Goldman was a full on anarchist, radical feminist, writer, philosopher and general pain … Continue reading