Adbusters Magazine #98: Craftivist Collective, Robin Hood Tax & the Occupy Protest Movement

Originally published in Adbusters print magazine (UK) & Adbusters (USA & Canada) (Australia) Nov/Dec 2011 Photo in the Adbusters article: Robin Prime Activism grousp mentioned in the articles & top featured image: Craftivist Collective and The Robin Hood Tax, Adbusters magazine spearheaded the #Occupy Wallstreet and worldwide Occupy movement, including … Continue reading

Guardian Newspaper Internship: Guardian Films

Starting on May 16th and for the following month I attended a part-time internship (in-between my job as a magazine journalist), at Guardian Films, the documentary section of The Guardian newspaper. See this link, for online examples of their investigative film work on pressing issues from the effect of climate change on developing countries … Continue reading

A Bahraini Mother’s Plea for Help

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ”  Our situation is very difficult in Bahrain, they kill innocent people  near their own houses. Schools, shops, work –  all closed, we cannot go out at all. They attack the villages and Shiaa’s areas and terrorise them, confronting the unarmed people with their guns and bullets. The Saudis army to Bahrain is acting inhumane, they … Continue reading

Voice of a Bahraini Child

_________________________________________________________________________________________  _ ” Brutal thing is happening here. Please!!! help  us spread every thing, yesterday a young man was shot in his head and his brain fell out and just few second a go we heard shooting sounds. Please help us spread it in any site, since the 14 February 13 people are killed in … Continue reading

Love 146: UK Parliament Conference on the Trafficking of Children to the UK

• The Meeting: The conference in Portcullis House was hosted on 2nd March 2011 by Conservative MP Peter Bone and Love 146‘s  CEO Steve Martin, European Operations Director, Gaz Kishere, Global Communications Director, Christian Elliot and many others calling on the government to mobilise MPs, ministers, Lords , police and charities to tackle the lack … Continue reading

Banksy Profile piece, Escape Magazine- Love 146 (Russian translation)

English language link here : Article featured in Love 146′s Escape magazine, Issue #5, Escape is a Love 146 magazine:

Amnesty International (UK): Israeli government doing this on purpose or being stupid?

Amnesty International’s Kristyan Benedict was visiting Hebron in the West Bank, when he saw an Israeli army patrol approaching as some Palestinians were walking down the street. One of the soldiers turned to a woman in the group and hissed: ‘Sharmuta’, which means bitch in Arabic. The soldier looked at the Palestinian men accompanying her … Continue reading

Banksy – Leader of Generation Graffiti

Showing us spray paint is mightier than the sword – Banksy is the leader of the biggest subculture movement since Punk. His surreal and tongue-in-cheek ‘graffiti art’ is daubed on public and private property walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cities throughout the world. You can spot anything from little girls cuddling up to … Continue reading

Hung Parliament Result

Dave and Nick working together in the coalition government is something many of the left-wing are moaning about; and wishing it would fail before it’s started. But for me it’s a mini victory and vindication of the will of the people to  make their voices count against the politically ignorant and apathetic sheeple of the … Continue reading

Comment Article on Vulture Funds and Interview with MP Christopher Chope

The Developing World Attacked by Vulture Funds A group of ruthless debt investors are huddled around a table in a secret office in New York. The business decision of the meeting is where in the world they will choose to cut off peoples’ hope of a livelihood, adequate schooling, clean water and hospital care for … Continue reading