Vintage Life magazine #13: Typewriter Art Words: Jameela Oberman Images: Typewriter Art: Keira Rathbone Photos: Charlene Davis (page 2) Gareth Gardner (page 3) Article features in Issue 13 of Vintage Life magazine, October 2011 (UK) Advertisements

Disorder Magazine:~ Emily & the Faves ~

The intimate room at the ICA where Emily Lansley is playing is smoky and surreal, the atmosphere matching her wistful aura perfectly. The singer from the band Emily and Faves is performing a one-off solo appearance and as she stands with her white electric guitar strapped on, the dense vapour in the air from the … Continue reading

Britain’s Successful Black Woman Social Network (BSBW): Interview

“They quittin’ school, making babies and can barely read, some gone off to their fall. I’ve seen them shootin’ up funerals in their Sunday clothes, spending money on spinners but won’t pay college loans. Teacher, teacher please reach those girls in them videos, the little girls just broken Queen, confusing bling for soul” are the … Continue reading

How to Tell if a Guy is a Player: Advice article

No woman likes being fooled by a player into thinking that he’s in love with her before he has a personality transplant and is fleeing for some new booty. Womanisers act like charming Casanovas to see if they can win you over as a conquest. But it’s hard to tell in the beginning when they’re … Continue reading