I offer a high standard of professional journalism based services for print and internet publications:

• Feature writing
• Proofreading, media & academic
• Sub-editing
• Copywriting and content editing, print & online
• Advertorial copy
• Press Releases

I pitch original ideas and I am also available for in-house shifts and cover work.
For enquiries & rates email:

4 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Dan Wright says:

    I am so impressed with the interview you did with Chris Chope! Can we try and get this interview in the mainstream press? I just spoke to Katie Clark, a journalist at the Bournemouth Echo. She is keen to speak to you and perhaps publish your interview!

    Contact her on:

    I am just a teacher in Bath and really pleased about what you and the Bournemouth Echo are doing.

  2. simar says:

    hey jameela great work. i really liked the way you presented things. you gonna take jouralism to great heights. keep up the good work . cheers mate..

  3. thank you ms oberman for not playing along check out my web site and vids too if u like so like if u like check christmas speech vid and idf war crimes babes you tube banned me and call it shocking and disgusting i thought the girls were pretty yet cruel.

  4. Makayla says:

    Hey friend can i publish some paragraph of your article on my little blog of university.I have to publish a good articles out there and i really think your post Fits best into it.I will be grateful to give you an source link as well.I have two blogs one my own and the other which is my college blog.I will publish some part in the university blog.Hope you do not mind.

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