Guardian Newspaper Internship: Guardian Films

Starting on May 16th and for the following month I attended a part-time internship (in-between my job as a magazine journalist), at Guardian Films, the documentary section of The Guardian newspaper. See this link, for online examples of their investigative film work on pressing issues from the effect of climate change on developing countries … Continue reading

Banksy & War Boutique Exhibition

If you fancy hanging a Banksy original in your boudoir you better crash a truck into a cash-point, because the average price is £95,000 a piece at Andipa Gallery, Kensington. Unsettling, magnetic, laughable and exquisite rolled into one; Disorder checks out the provocative exhibition. Andipa Gallery is holding a selling-exhibition of the artist Banksy’s iconic … Continue reading

Green Lantern, Science & Social Gaming

Warner Bros Pictures movie, The Green Lantern, released on the 17th June 2011, is a reworking of a classic comics series which features the Green Lantern Corp – a vast intergalactic police force on a mission to keep order in the universe. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. When a new … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine Issue 36: William Fitzsimmons

Interview by Jameela Oberman, published in Disorder magazine, June Edition (036)

Disorder Magazine Issue 36: Azari & iii

Interview and write-up by Jameela Oberman Published in Disorder Magazine, June Edition (036) Band interview, Azari & iii listed on the frontcover of issue 36

Stanley Blacks Interview: Disorder Magazine

Usually an unsigned Brit band’s life constitutes lugging equipment out the back of a rusty van and a cider ‘on the house’ at the end of the night.But The Stanley Blacks have bagged a LA tour, chilled with legendary stars, recorded with an award-winning producer and even had one of their tunes played on the … Continue reading

Ghostpoet Interview at Rough Trade East Album Launch:Disorder Magazine

Ghostpoet is dropping his beats against the whole rap ‘label’ stereotype and what he’s achieved is addictive electro, reflections on gritty life in Brit culture and hip-hop delivery with panache. But what is the MC like in real life? Jameela Oberman talks to him about song-writing, peanut butter & jam sarnies and ladies footwear … … Continue reading

Comic Con London 2011: Cosplayers

Comic Con London 2011 at MCM Expo was held on bank holiday weekend, it was anime, manga, deck wizards, videogaming, superheroes, goth art, illustrators & cosplay catwalk galore. The three-day conference from 27-29th May at the Excel Estate near Custom House, South East London, included halls dedicated to a variety of comic genres from Japanese … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine: Years &Years

A sea of wires on the floor of a dusty rehearsal studio, the band Years and Years are belting out their song Emergency. This love song bizarrely became a soundtrack to a rally call in The Independent newspaper against government cuts. Jameela Oberman follows up on an inkling that more is on its way from … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine Issue 035: Spark Research, interview and write-up by Jameela Oberman Published in Disorder Magazine, April Edition (035)