Music Singles Reviews: Disorder Magazine

A selection of music releases reviewed Lulu and the Lampshades ‘Cold Water’ (Moshi Moshi) Cold Water is experimental, kitsch and cute to its very core. The jaunty folk-pop act from Bristol, with Luisa’s distinctive and quirky vocals, is the misfit retro grrl’s antidote to Lily Allen overload, instead it’s one for any fans of Joanna … Continue reading

Stanley Blacks Interview: Disorder Magazine

Usually an unsigned Brit band’s life constitutes lugging equipment out the back of a rusty van and a cider ‘on the house’ at the end of the night.But The Stanley Blacks have bagged a LA tour, chilled with legendary stars, recorded with an award-winning producer and even had one of their tunes played on the … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine:~ Emily & the Faves ~

The intimate room at the ICA where Emily Lansley is playing is smoky and surreal, the atmosphere matching her wistful aura perfectly. The singer from the band Emily and Faves is performing a one-off solo appearance and as she stands with her white electric guitar strapped on, the dense vapour in the air from the … Continue reading

Legendary Swinging 60s Girl Groups

The 1960s was the decade of revolution for music and when the cult of ‘girl groups’ hit the big time. Almost all the girl groups were black – the combination of gospel trained voices, catchy hooks and sweet doo- wop melodies bowled over the baby boomer generation. Here are brief intros to a selection of … Continue reading