The Big Issue magazine (North) #897: Sarah Corbett & Craftivist Collective

Published in The Big Issue (North) on October 10th 2011 The Big Issue in the North of England, regional edition of The Big Issue magazine group, Words: Jameela Oberman, Pictures: Robin Prime Craftivist Collective: Website, Facebook, Advertisements

Adbusters Magazine #98: Craftivist Collective, Robin Hood Tax & the Occupy Protest Movement

Originally published in Adbusters print magazine (UK) & Adbusters (USA & Canada) (Australia) Nov/Dec 2011 Photo in the Adbusters article: Robin Prime Activism grousp mentioned in the articles & top featured image: Craftivist Collective and The Robin Hood Tax, Adbusters magazine spearheaded the #Occupy Wallstreet and worldwide Occupy movement, including … Continue reading

Banksy & War Boutique Exhibition

If you fancy hanging a Banksy original in your boudoir you better crash a truck into a cash-point, because the average price is £95,000 a piece at Andipa Gallery, Kensington. Unsettling, magnetic, laughable and exquisite rolled into one; Disorder checks out the provocative exhibition. Andipa Gallery is holding a selling-exhibition of the artist Banksy’s iconic … Continue reading

Green Lantern, Science & Social Gaming

Warner Bros Pictures movie, The Green Lantern, released on the 17th June 2011, is a reworking of a classic comics series which features the Green Lantern Corp – a vast intergalactic police force on a mission to keep order in the universe. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. When a new … Continue reading

Comic Con London 2011: Cosplayers

Comic Con London 2011 at MCM Expo was held on bank holiday weekend, it was anime, manga, deck wizards, videogaming, superheroes, goth art, illustrators & cosplay catwalk galore. The three-day conference from 27-29th May at the Excel Estate near Custom House, South East London, included halls dedicated to a variety of comic genres from Japanese … Continue reading

Disorder Magazine Issue 035:Tom Webster Scoop, research, interview and write-up by Jameela Oberman Published in Disorder Magazine, April Edition (035)

Joan Miro: Tate Modern Preview

Surrealism art pioneer, Joan Miro, set out to ‘assassinate art’ as we know it, and he created more anarchy in his work the older he became. After a 50 year interlude, the Tate Modern has a major exhibit inviting a new generation of art lovers to step into the cerebral vortex of his rampant imagination. … Continue reading

Parkour Profile Feature, Escape Magazine – Love 146 (Russian translation)

• English language link here : •Article featured in Issue #6 of Love 146’s Escape magazine, • • Escape is a Love 146 magazine, see website and Paramore interview below:

Banksy Profile piece, Escape Magazine- Love 146 (Russian translation)

English language link here : Article featured in Love 146′s Escape magazine, Issue #5, Escape is a Love 146 magazine:

Parkour Kid on the Block

Scott Jackson, aged 21, is an up-and-coming parkour and freerunning traceur from Bournemouth, England. He’s fast: running, jumping and doing flips across obstacles such as buildings, walls and rails. For him the movements are mixture of urban sport, art and philosophy. Anyone can do it with pair of running shoes, energy, practice and leaps in … Continue reading